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The workgroup


The staff that works in the laboratory


Andrea Scianna


Marcello La Guardia


Giuseppe Fulvio Gaglio


Have joined with the GISlab in the past:


Gabriella Di FIlippo, Maria Laura Scaduto, Susanna Gristina, Alessio Ammoscato, Rita Corsale, Fabrizio Niceta, Rosanna Sciortino, Rosalia Merlo.

The laboratory

The GIS laboratory has been established in July 2003 as a result of the detachement of a C.N.R. research unit to the Department of Architecture and Representation of the University of Palermo. The team of the lab make research about the issues of the Scientific Panel disciplinary ICAR06 and in particular about:

- Information systems and CAD and GIS applications for spatial and computerized planning for the study aimed to the recovery of cultural heritage and environment;

- Numerical, technical and thematic Cartography and Geomatics;

- Processing and computerized management of environmental information for the planning and management of territorial emergencies.

The participation in national research programs (PRIN and FIRB) has directed the activities towards the analysis of the structure and the characteristics of the medium and small scale digital maps for use in GIS, investigations on the properties of exchange formats DXF and GML to be used for storage of geographic data (performance analysis of the main proprietary software and open-source) with an emphasis on three-dimensional component of the data, the testing of a prototype web-GIS for sharing geographic data over the Internet, the verification of the potential of an integrated GPS-GIS-POCKETPC for the use of the archaeological sites.

The staff of the laboratory has presented scientific papers, in specialized or multidisciplinary nature, both in major national conferences of the sector, such as ASITA national conference and the SIFET national conference, both at major international conferences, such as the ISPRS 2004, CIPA 2005 and UDMS 2006; some works produced by the laboratory were also deemed worthy of publication in specialized journals, as Geomedia and Cartographica, as well as on the SIFET national gazette. The laboratory has also partecipated, with oral presentation, to the main national and regional events on the open-source software, bringing its contribution on the free software for geographic information systems.

GISLab laboratory