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Research 2018

  • Research on BIM (Building Information Management) applications for the valorization and the conservation of Cultural Heritage (Heritage BIM), and enhancement of interactive navigation technologies for the development of interactive navigation 3D GIS models of CH.

Research 2017

  • Development and experimentation of 3D GIS applications for the Virtual Heritage, for the valorization of Cultural Heritage, inside the PON - NEPTIS european project. The project has been focused on the survey and the 3D reconstruction of the Manfredonic Castle of Mussomeli (Sicily) , and the costruction of a 3D GIS interactive system.

Research 2016

  • Research activities focused on developing sharing systems of Cultural Heritage 3D models on web.
  • Research activities focused on the study and the development of a 3D multiscale road model, for full lifecycle road cadastral modelling.

Research 2015

  • Research activities aimed at the development of a three-dimensional GIS model, generated on the basis of the 2D geometry and connected to a system of categories of attributes that define the volume, allowing it to make planning and detailed spatial analysis and to operate specific evaluations required by the different types tools, with running times and processing costs reduced.
  • Research aimed at the construction and development of a platform for the sharing of geographic and alphanumeric information (legislative guidelines , techniques and best practices) and cool roof and cool pavement applications in the European Union, within the MAIN MED project.

Research 2014

  • Research activities aimed at downloading and analysis of metadata provided in the European Union, within the MAIN MED project, and study of geoportals operation for managing data via WMS service.

Research 2013

Research 2012

Research 2011

Research 2010

  • PRIN_2007 (research project started in September 2008 and ended in September 2010)

Research 2009

  • OpenGeoNET-it : WEBGIS of a GNSS Permanent Network at University of Palermo
  • ICAD-GEO Feasibility study for the realization of a project for the creation of an "infrastructure for cooperation on applications of Geographic Data (Lot 4)." Interregional Center of Coordination and Documentation for Territorial Information C/O CISIS.
  • Reading of the transformation of the gardens and the coast of Palermo by comparing historical maps with GIS tools and techniques developed in research MIUR 40%, entitled 'Storia dell'urbanistica e paesaggio urbano in età contemporanea: parchi, giardini e acqua come patrimonio storico. Catalogazione sperimentale per campioni', local coordinator prof. I. Lima.

Research 2008

  • PRIN_2007 (research project started in September 2008 and ended in September 2010)

Research 2007

Research 2006

Research 2005

  • Activity of analysis of DXF interchange formats GML , aimed at establishing effective standards of digital cartography 3D for use in GIS, developed within the project PRIN 04, entitled 'Strutture evolute della cartografia numerica per i GIS e l’ambienteWEB', national coordinator prof. R. Galetto, local coordinator prof. B. Villa.
  • "Studio di metodologie per l’applicazione di tecniche e strumenti GIS nella redazione di una proposta sperimentale di PUR - conduct activities in onerous agreement with the Town Planning Department the Office for Land and Environment of Sicily Region;

Research 2004

Research 2003

  • Collaboration in Project of National Interest: “Efficacia della rappresentazione identitaria degli spazi aperti nella pianificazione del territorio”;
  • Presentation on "Rapporto dal Territorio INU 2003": “Il sistema della conoscenza per il coordinamento orizzontale e verticale” - National Institute of Urban Planning - Rome - June 2003.

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